JP Moore Certifed Specialist in Water Damage Repair, Mold Remediation and Asbestos Removal

JP Moore Home Improvements is one of the leading remodeling and environmental services contractor in the Tri-State area. For more than 20 years, JP Moore has helped homeowners with home remodeling, roofing construction and repair, and a variety of disaster cleanup services. We treat every job as if we were working on our own homes, making sure all of the homeowner’s needs are met before calling the job complete. We are also one of the few home improvement contractors in the Tri-State area that carries Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) certification. This allows us to work in high-risk environments as we have the training to adequately contain and eliminate various environmental threats.

Flood and water damage cleanup

home_floodThe damage left behind by a powerful storm, sewage backflow, or major leak can be enormous. This damage will need to be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent mold growth and preserve as many items as possible. JP Moore has access to a large supply of dehumidifiers, air movers, and water pumps, so we can quickly remove all excess moisture from the home. During flood and water damage cleanup, JP Moore will also remove and replace all compromised materials, like drywall and insulation. 

Fire damage restoration

home_fireWhen a fire breaks out, the immediate danger usually passes quickly. As long as everyone is safe, it may seem like the damage left behind is not a major concern. However, spent fires leave behind dangerous ash and soot concentrations, both of which are quickly suspended in the air and swept up in the home’s ventilation system. Not only will ash and soot cause powerful odors, they can spark respiratory problems as well, and their acidic nature can break down various materials in the home. During a fire damage restoration, JP Moore will remove all immediate signs of damage and deep clean all areas affected by the flames, ash and soot.

Asbestos and mold removal

home_asbestosAsbestos and mold are two of the most pressing environmental concerns in homes, particularly older homes. Any building built before 1978 likely harbors some amount of asbestos. This dangerous mineral is usually found in wall or ceiling insulation, around pipes, or in the building’s siding or roofing. Over time, asbestos exposure can cause severe respiratory diseases and even cancer. Mold is found anywhere in the home where excess moisture is a problem, like the home’s siding, basement, roofing, or around water pipes. Some forms of mold are extremely deadly and can cause neurological disorders. JP Moore is certified and practiced at removing both of these threats and can do so without giving it a chance to spread.

Home remodeling

home_remodelJP Moore is also an experienced remodeling contractor and can provide a number of unique additions to the home. We are specialized in kitchen, bathroom, roofing and flooring remodel projects, with a  focus on improving both form and function in the home. In the bathroom, we can improve accessibility, moisture resistance or fire prevention. In the kitchen, JP Moore can update appliances, countertops, flooring, cabinetry or other fixtures. We can also repair or update various parts of the roof, like the shingles, flashing or venting, or perform a complete roof replacement.  


home_roofingJP Moore can restore or replace any roofing installation. This includes everything from the shingles to the roof’s underlayment and framing. Over time, sun, wind, rain, hail and animals can cause serious damage to the roof, resulting in leaks and porous insulation. JP Moore is certified to install several types of shingles, from standard asphalt shingles to metal, slate, clay or wood materials. We can also provide full roof replacements for homes that are in need of a major update or have been damaged by fallen trees, severe storms or other disasters.