• February 10, 2017
  • James Moore

Why Use Oak For Your Staircase?

With modern technology in the world of carpentry, you can have a staircase made out of practically any material out there. From a wide variety of woods to stone, tile and even masonry, your options seem unlimited. However, simple oak wood remains the go-to option for most modern construction, and for good reason. Oak wood has several innate qualities that other popular materials simply don’t that make them the superior option for all types of stairs.

Some of the many reasons you’ll want to consider oak for your next stair installation or upgrade include:


Typically, oak wood is going to be your best bet when it comes to getting the best possible price for your staircase installation. The sources used for most wood planks used for the process are grown in Europe and North America, meaning the installation companies have easier access to the products they’ll need to complete the project. Oak is also lightweight, which can contribute to a lower labor cost overall in some cases.

Lightweight but Sturdy:

The biggest reason why oak is used in forms of carpentry like stairs and cabinets so often is that despite being one of the sturdiest woods available, they’re amazingly lightweight compared to other options. This quality can help to ensure that your stairs don’t start to sage under their own weight over the years or experience other issues which heavy materials often face.


Finally, style is a benefit which oak wood has in spades. Whether you prefer dark flooring or light for your stairs, you can find the perfect solution by using either white oak or red oak. This wood holds stain excellently as well, so you can have an shade your heart desires, and get a set of stairs that’ll match your décor perfectly.

There are several other reasons why oak wood is ideal for your new staircase, but the above are some of the biggest and most important. Oak is the superior option for stairs of all shapes and sizes, and can be obtained from almost any hardware store.